The scope of registration of the above-mentioned council has in terms of Section 58 of the Labour Relations Act, been varied. With effect from 19 January 2012, the Council is registered in respect  of the following sector and area:

The Wood and Paper Sector, (as defined hereunder) in the Republic of South Africa:


“Fibre and Particle Board Sector’’ means the manufacture of wood and bagasse-based fibreboard and particleboard panels in both raw and upgraded form, and includes the upgrading of such product by the application of the same and/or other material, and includes activities incidental thereto.


(a)  “The Sawmilling Sector” means the sector concerned with the processing of timber or log to lumber, beams, planks, baulks, sleepers, wedges or other standard forms by removing the bark, splitting, cutting up, sawing, drying, planning or conversion of such timber or logs in any other manner, and includes the treatment of any of the said articles by heat or chemicals where such treatment is carried on in conjunction with any of the aforesaid activities, and includes activities incidental thereto.
(b)  Manufacture, stock- piling and retailing of wood-wool, boxes, shooks, mine supports, trays, crates, poles, planks, baulks, sleepers, pallets, drum cables, shelves (excluding cupboards and cabinets) or other articles of which wood constitutes the main component, and includes incidental activities. 
(c)  This sector excludes the following activities where such activities do not take place together with any other activities mentioned in (a)
i.)    Joinery;
ii.)   The manufacture of wagons, carts and boats shall not include activities covered by the Iron, Steel, Engineering and Metallurgical Industries;
iii.)  The manufacture of coffins;
iv.)  The manufacture of plywood, veneers, veneered boards, laminated boards, block boards, chip boards or any similar products of which wood forms the mains component;
v.)   The manufacture of containers or components of containers that are intended or used for the packaging or marketing of agricultural products;
vi.)   Sawmilling as defined in (a) above is not included in the scope of this Bargaining Council when it is carried out in an establishment the principal activity of which is manufacture of wooded furniture and in which concern the lumber, planks, etc. produced from their own saw milling activity are processed further into furniture.


“Pulp and Paper Sector” means the sector concerned with the manufacture of pulp, paper, dissolving pulp and paper board, and includes activities, incidental thereto


“Tissue and Allied Products Sector” means the sector concerned with the production or conversion and distribution by the manufacturers, licensees and importers of tissue, absorbent, infant and adult and feminine care products of any nature whatsoever, including the occupations and operations incidental thereto, whether or not the said occupations and/ or operations are carried out separately or collectively, and includes activities, incidental thereto. 


“Paper Distributors Sector” means the sector concerned with the distribution of printers’ supplies and other materials utilised by the graphic art industry in general, and includes activities, incidental thereto.