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The Labour Relations Act provides for self-regulation of industries through the medium of the Bargaining Council.
NBCWPS provides services to its parties and non-parties, who are covered by its scope:
* Forum and facilities for Collective Bargaining
* Resolution of labour disputes.
* Enforcement of collective agreements.
* Forum and process to negotiate and regulate employee benefits.
* Deal with applications for exemptions on collective agreements
* Make inputs and proposals on policy and legislative developments.

The Council is constituted on the basis of equal representation in terms of both the Employers and Employee representatives. All registered Employers in the sector qualify to join the Council either as a party (through a specific industry employer association) or as a non-party. Trade unions wanting to be party to the Council must at least have membership of 1000 employees in the sector.
Levy contributions are equally shared between the employer and employees. For employees employed by an Employer who is party to the Council, their contribution is R4 from the employee and R4 from the employer with the overall contribution being R8.00 for an individual employee. Employees in employment of the Employer who is either a non party or themselves are not members of the trade unions that are parties to the Council are levied R8 with their employer paying the same amount for an individual employee. Overall their levy is R16.00.

Our Scope of service

Facilitate Collective Bargaining on condition of service
Resolution of labour disputes
Enforcement of collective agreements
Process applications for exemptions on collective agreements
Proposals on policy and legislative developments

Services we offer